SJWs can be left and right wing.

There are times where you can like and admire a political or even non-political figure and not always agree on absolutely everything they say but it seems like a lot of the followers blindly follow 100% of what they say without any independent thought.

Milo Yianopoulos said that the left politics are based on emotion and not logic and yes that can be definitely true but a lot of the followers seem like once you bother to make a counter argument they get triggered like the ordinary SJWs but in a non-pc way where they shout insults without having a civilised argument. They also make points/posts based to spark emotion to agree with them and not logic which is what the left usually do. Using emotion to make a point instead of logic is not very mature in my opinion.

What I like about the right and Milo is that they can sit and use logic and counter an argument while the left go mad and shout insults because they were triggered but some of the right can do the same because some and I’ll emphasise ‘some’ are what I call right wing politically correct.

If you argue against something that Milo said, you just get insults from some of his supporters back without a counter-argument of what you said. I do not think Milo would be that way though, just his followers. Seems like there can be a lot of irony in this whole SJW debate.

I blame the regressive left for this because of their ridiculousness, people have to hate everything they say to the point where it leaves no room for moderation in an argument. For example if you don’t agree police officers should shoot the unarmed and those without a deadly weapon, you are instantly hated upon and be made to support the ridiculous black lives matter movement, when in fact you don’t.

I’ve seen videos where police officers have shot unarmed mentally unstable people and I thought to myself they didn’t use reasonable force partly because there isn’t enough training on physical restrain and partly because there aren’t enough officers on the scene. I compare that to how effective the police is here with unarmed individuals.

I have those opinions but they seem to trigger the very people that I probably share the same opinions on SJW and triggered culture. No need to get triggered and start insulting me because I don’t have the same opinions as you. I would just rather have you telling me why you disagree with me and so on. But they are entitled to their insults and I endorse free speech even if it includes (drink bleach).

SJWs can be both left and right wing because authoritarianism can exist on both sides.


My opinion of Trump is Changing.

I never liked Donald Trump but as this campaign has been unfolding, I have found myself agreeing with a lot of the stuff he says. Maybe he’s not always politically correct and to be honest political correctness is what is ruining the freedom of expression and speech which is something I am really passionate fighting about.

American Campuses have become all stupid ‘safe places’ where whatever you say is offensive. The internet has become a stupid face. You see a woman and you refer to her as a she you instantly become a ‘bigot’ because you guessed her gender. You tell an obese person to stop eating, you are filthy scum that deserves to die.

You can’t say anything without being a “privileged bigot”. Here is an example of the left going mad that I’m talking about…

The thing with America is Free speech is dead. In one of the universities a guy got crucified for wearing a trump hat and everyone shamed him and calling him racist, homophobic…you name it. They even took his hat without his permision

No one wants to live in a country where you can’t express yourself. That’s what disgusts me about America and why I don’t want to visit it. It feels like Trump is the one that will kill this idiotic  “social justice” movement and if he does and makes America great again, I might be more willing to visit. I also agree with quite a few things he says. He doesn’t beat around the bush if you know what I mean.

Here are some of his policies that I agree with *¹



I agree with most of Trump policies other than the right to bare arms which is part of the second amendment (I live in England, what do you expect?) and a few others that I think are a bit over the top.

I do think he is a brilliant campaigner as well. The only doubts I have about Donald Trump is that he is not going to do those things that he is promising. I do beilive that he is going to win and I do hope my opinion of him will change when he’s been in office for a while. If he does ‘make america great again’ I’ll actually start liking him more.

I still have doubts though considering how much money he has.

At the end of the day I beilive in democracy and in my opinion the regressive left are turning into fascists telling you what and what you can’t say and do. They’ll do anything to hunt you down if you don’t agree with them. It feels like Trump is the only option for America.

Everybody is going crazy with what you can and can’t say, political correctness gone mad and there’s Trump who just says it.

At least here in Britain its not as bad as the situation is in America with the regressive left , so that brings me some peace.

By the way Trump is definitely better than that cunt Hillary. As this campaign has been evolving I have heard many things about her and she is nothing but a dirty liar and I hate liars.