What’s more iniquitous?

What’s more iniquitous? Murder…or Torture

I personally believe the best way to look at it, would be..

What is worse? Suffering or death.

People argue..prison or death.

People think the humiliation of prison would be worse.

The beatings.

The rapes.

The incessant fear for your life but no..they are wrong.

Dying is just worse

Because, well, honestly, it is, isn’t it?

Dying is just worse.

So do we pull the trigger, do we tie the knot, do we sharpen the blade?

You see, I’ve always agreed that death is the most grievous form of punishment for those who have committed the most grievous crimes.

Omnia mors aequat 

Death makes everything equal.

If I had the honour to be a judge,

I would not mind showing mercy to a murderer by choosing to sentence him/her to life in prison instead of giving the order for his/her life to be taken away…as long as his/her actions could be justified or partly justified.

I would not sentence to death a vigilante killer or a murderer who took vengeance upon someone else as long as their actions did not deliberately hurt the innocent and those who weren’t involved. If there were real emotions that caused someone to do such horrible act, they deserve a life sentence not the death penalty because there could be room for change.

However, the moment a child dies…the moment an innocent man or woman dies deliberately …you shall have no mercy…and you shall only be forgiven when you pay the ultimate price which is death.

Omnia mors aequat 


My Theory on Morality


A sense of morality is given to us during our developmental stages.

If we are well conducted by our primary care givers, we do develop a sense of morality quickly.

If our care givers are neglectful, we could possibly lack a sense of morality at a later stage , which means we would lack the ability to oblige with the “social norms”.

We develop the same type of etiquette as our parents and their parents before, during our development. If our parents have an outstanding moral conscience, we can possibly have an outstanding moral conscience too.

The beauty about morality is that it can change later on in life as well.

So I tell you this, you might have a stupendous moral conscience, who ever you are, but what is the point if that moral conscience hurts more people than the moral conscience of the people who you are made to believe that you should desperately despise.

You are made to believe that you should aspire to be as those heroes you and those around you worship.

But I tell you this, the more justifiable your moral conscience becomes, you’ll find your self or those around you hurt by those people you desperately loathe. And once your morality surpass the morality of law, you will lose the approval of those who you genuinely love.

All I’m trying to say is…

Who asserts an outstanding moral conscience,will encounter backfire and at the end their conscience would hurt the ones they hold dear.