What is this Blog really about?

It’s about life…or to be more precise; how we, the common folk experience life. The positive, the negative and the neutral.

I want to raise awareness on some issues that are completely ignored and I’m not referring to things such as the wage gap. I want too talk about issues that you barely hear anywhere, with the hope that if someone is struggling with that particular issue, he/she can feel less lonely.

I want to express my opinion on global affairs without the need of being “politicly correct”, just straight talk.

Additionally I am a huge film enthusiast who is studying film-making so expect a lot of film reviews.

This blog is intended to be serious and humorous. If you happen to find me offensive make sure you take some ibuprofen…that shit helps with butt pain. With everyday that comes, I try to be as honest as I can, hence you’ll probably find me offensive…and I couldn’t give a shit 🙂


I welcome you to Ponder and Fulminate