About me and only me.



I am your local oppressor,

I received ‘The Right Honourable‘ title when I became a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons

for serving as the

‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’

for Her Majesty’s Government. I’m all about money biatch!

I work along side with my Right Honourable friend, The Prime Minister of this sh*thole

Theresa C*** May


Now I welcome you to my ‘about page’



What is there to know about me??? :/ Let me wonder.

What keeps meh flame goin’?

Arrogance and the need to strive for perfection

I am a very passionate young film maker and I just bloody love films

My inspirations, Stanley Kubrick (Loving that “ultraviolence”), Lars Von Trier (Very ArtyFarty) and Peter Jackson (LOTR).

I also enjoy kissing myself in the mirror.

Here in this blog I explore various global affairs and basically everything that is wrong with society with my vast knowledge on pretty much anything.