Church and State. Right or Wrong?

According to a survey done by NatCen in 2014, 48.5% of Britons said that they have no religion, outnumbering the Christians. In modern Britain it is absolutely acceptable to be non-religious or be part of any other religion, this is because the Church shares the same values as the UK Government.

In the US though in 2014 according to a survey done by the Pew Research Centre 70.6% in the U.S identify themselves as Christians.  Several polls have shown that about 50 percent of Americans would not vote for a qualified atheist for president.*¹ *² A 2006 study found that 40% of respondents characterised atheists as a group that “did not at all agree with my vision of American society”, and that 48% would not want their child to marry an atheist.  In both studies, percentages of disapproval of atheists were above those for Muslims, African-Americans and homosexuals. *³

This travesty is because there are so many schisms of Christianity in America that are running wild because of the lack of one big church that is affiliated with a 21st Century western government and shares the same values as it.

The Church of England is against homophobia according the Archbishop of Canterbury *⁴ which is a big step for a mainstream church but even if there are still quite a lot of priests that are homophobic, the church officially is against it and it considers it wrong. Why? Because the church and the state are one. The state considers homophobia a hate crime hence the church considers it too.

In the US homophobia is all over churches and since they are not regulated by the government because of “Freedom” they run wild spreading hate. For example the Westero Baptist Church is the top example of what I mean.


Stephen Fry explains in this video bellow that having a constitutional monarchy makes a country ’empirically free’ and more socially just than countries that don’t because of that he is against separation of church and state even if he is an atheist.


I completely agree with Stephen Fry and I am against separation of church and state as well.

Here are my top reasons:

  1. The Church of England shares the same values as the British Government
  2. The Church of England has moved on with the times
  3. Majority of Christians are part of the Church of England and not some cult-like schism of Christianity hence they are not backwards people that discriminate people with other religious affiliations, atheists, the LGBT minority ect.


*¹  “Faith in the System”. Mother Jones. September–October 2004.

*²  Page, Susan (2007-03-12). “2008 race has the face of a changing America”.USA Today. Retrieved 2009-03-13.

*³  “Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority, according to new U of M study”. UMN News. Retrieved 2006-03-22.

*⁴ “Valuing All God’s Children” .  Page 3 – Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby – May 2014



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